Criteria for the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards

Teresa Cheung, an accomplished actress and native of China, has earned a number of awards and nominations for her work on screen. In 2005, Teresa Cheung achieved status as a finalist for the prestigious Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for Best Actress.

Given on an annual basis, the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award reflects the exacting standards of a professional arts organization. Individual awards honor excellence in acting, screenwriting, and directing while a Best Film award recognizes a production. Voting begins when the organization invites its membership to nominate up to five candidates per award. All nominees must have appeared or worked on a film that was 60 minutes in length or longer and had its first cinema run within the voting year.

The second round of voting consists of a general assembly, at which voting members reduce the list of nominees to a selection of finalists. Candidates for a particular award, or whose colleagues on a film are in contention for an award, may not vote. The final and third round of discussion eliminates all candidates until one person or film has received more than half of the total votes available.


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