United Nations Efforts in International Human Rights Standards

As a former International Ambassador for Youth for Human Rights International, Teresa Cheung helped educate teenagers and children on the United Nations Human Rights Treaty System. For her efforts in the field of human rights, Teresa Cheung was honored at a Human Rights Heroes awards ceremony.

The United Nations provides extensive information regarding the development of international standards regarding human rights, including numerous conventions and covenants regarding the rights of particular groups or in particular circumstances. These efforts began with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, which listed a variety of core rights and principles to be upheld by all member nations in several areas of life, such as civil, cultural, political, social, and economic rights. Since then, conventions have been held regarding crucial human rights issues such as racial discrimination and discrimination against women. Many provisions established in these declarations and conventions have become part of customary international law, and some thinkers on international law argue that all of the principles in the original Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be treated as such.


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