Renowned Acting Coach Larry Moss Teaches Award-Winning Celebrities

Actress Teresa Cheung made her acting debut in the film Color Blossoms. A native of China, she continues to pursue roles in major motion pictures such as Oliver Stone’s W. Today, Teresa Cheung resides in Los Angeles, California, where she studies acting under the direction of Larry Moss.

From Golden Globe nominees to Academy Award winners, Larry Moss is highly sought after by notable celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank, and Helen Hunt. He played an integral role in developing performances delivered in box office movies like The Departed and Million Dollar Baby. Through his Los Angeles school, dubbed The Larry Moss Studio, Mr. Moss leverages his background in directing to help artists discover their characters’ essence and deliver authentic performances.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio states that Mr. Moss’ devotion to the art of acting is inspirational and transformational. Likewise, Academy Award winner Hilary Swank speaks volumes about his articulate ability to connect artists with their characters.

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